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Generations of esteemed Chinese medicine doctors
Experts in acupuncture and Chinese medicine
Serving thousands of patients in America for 31 years
Most experienced acupuncturist in the South

Acupuncture, a component of Chinese medicine, is an ancient art of healing dating back thousands of years. Today, acupuncture is widely practiced by licensed acupuncturists and medical doctors. The awareness of acupuncture has continued to grow leading more and more individuals to discover its amazing benefits.

The Ly family practice holds a rich history in and of itself dating back to the late 1800's in mainland China. Founder of multiple clinics in Alabama and Tennessee and with over forty years of experience, Alexander Min-Shin Ly and Catherine Ly are proud to carry-on this time-honored family tradition of natural healing to help thousands of patients. They are committed to giving each patient quality care with compassion, a standard first set by Alexander's father and great grandfather more than a century ago.

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